Course description

An introduction to the topics of mental health, wellbeing and resilience, looking at how stress at work can impact these. 

The session will provide managers with practical tools to build a positive, supportive culture within their team, to help reduce the stigma that is often associated with mental illness. Managers will learn how to recognise when team members or colleagues may require help, as well as how to offer support. 

We also offer a version of this course for those who don’t manage others.

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Course agenda

  • Definitions and data
  • Stress in the workplace
  • Resilience and the Five ways to wellbeing model
  • Building a supportive culture


Recommended duration: 3 hours

We can adapt the agenda depending on your requirements/needs.
Please discuss this with our team.

Suitable for: all managers

                    Learner Objectives

                    By the end of the session, participants will be able to: 

                    • Know the definitions of wellbeing and mental health, and understand why they matter 
                    • Understand the causes and impacts of workplace stress, and how resilience can help people manage stress.  
                    • Be clear on the warning signs to look for in themselves and a team 
                    • Confidently open conversations about mental health and signpost further help 
                    • Have a good understanding of how companies can provide a healthy culture to support the team and develop resilience, through the Five Ways to Wellbeing model 
                    • Action plan some practical ideas for building a positive, supportive culture within a team 

                    Why not add a toolkit to your training session?

                    Our toolkits help you get the best out of your teams, ensuring they are motivated, engaged and performing to the best of their potential. The toolkit will include easy to follow guides, notes and templates, including one hour’s support from an HR Consultant that will ensure a consistent and effective approach to managing.

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