Setting objectives for your people can be enormously powerful – both for your team and for your organisation. Why then, does this process go wrong so often?


Very often, objectives are vague, with little direction, or clear measurable outcomes. As a result, employees feel like they are shooting for the stars with very little chance of success.


Let’s look at improving your success rate:


  • Look at your company objectives and how the role of the employee fits into the business
  • Pull out the company goals relevant to the employee, and shape their objectives towards achieving your company goal
  • For each objective add 3-4 key results – these will be the success criteria such as sign up 2 new customers per month. They are very measurable.
  • Make them realistic – no one individual can be responsible for growing your business for example. Yes, you can stretch your people, but go over the top and they are de-motivated from the word go
  • Do it in conjunction with your team – in fact, why don’t you set the objective, and ask them to identify the success criteria? That way you get buy in from the start
  • Check in regularly – how do your team feel they are doing? Have they achieved their criteria? How do you feel they are doing? Give feedback and guide them on how to move forward.
  • Resources – have you given your employees everything they need to achieve success? Sometimes that can be as simple as time, but could also be equipment or training. Make sure they feel able to meet the task ahead.
  • Be flexible – we all know things change. Your business may change, your employee’s circumstances may change… Give your team the opportunity to adjust criteria to meet both the company and their needs. This could even mean creating more stretching goals, if they have already met what’s expected.


You could also consider sharing objectives more openly with the whole company. At the very least you need to make sure all of the company goals and objectives are visible everywhere. But why not share your own high level objectives? Your team can see they are supporting you, as well as making an impact on the business.


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