Sally-Ann Hall Jones, formerly Chief Operating Officer with Reality HR, has been appointed as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, leading the Basingstoke-based business strongly into the future.

The 20-strong Hampshire HR Consultancy has spent the past 12 months preparing for the change by growing and developing the roles of the rest of the team to incorporate Sally-Ann’s former position in-house.

Sally-Ann said: “We are not replacing the Chief Operating Officer role following my move, because we have worked hard to develop our succession plan using our own employees. All of the team members have spent time developing and growing their own roles, taking on more responsibilities. This has allowed me to step into the new CEO role with relative ease, carrying on business as usual.”

Sally-Ann had worked alongside former MD, Laura Davis – the founding director of Reality HR – for many years, and is looking forward to the challenges that becoming the new CEO will bring.

Sally-Ann said: “One of the biggest barriers to growing a small business is not having the right talent in situ. We have put time, energy and our specialist knowledge into making sure we have the right people in-house, and we can help others to do the same.

“This seamless succession couldn’t have happened without having the right people in the right roles. We are now planning to continue the significant growth which we have experienced over the past 14 years and that success is all down to our amazing team.”

Sally-Ann is an accomplished and experienced HR professional, having cut her teeth in the highly pressurised environment of a global retail giant. She is insightful, and as a business owner herself, understands what makes clients tick.

Sally-Ann and her team enjoy being able to add value to clients who are looking to outsource their HR services, and need help with a strategic approach that will truly benefit their business.

She has been with the company since 2008 and is looking forward to leading the business and clients forward as CEO.