Theme: Outsourced HR support

Meet Decoded and learn about the challenge they faced with their HR.

Decoded provides technology training programmes for large corporate organisations. London-based with offices in New York and Asia, the business has 80+ staff. Typically working with companies undergoing large-scale digital transformation, Decoded delivers one-day digital mindset programmes for senior leaders, and longer-term training in analytics and data science which run over a year or more.

As the number of employees at Decoded grew, the company’s senior team, led by MD Nicky Kirshen, needed to ensure that people management fundamentals including contracts, employee handbooks, staff policies and day-to-day HR were as strong and effective as they should be.

“The relationship with Reality HR is one of trust. They have proved they are the experts. They have made sure we are doing things the right way and provide regular guidance so that everything we need is in place. As a business that is growing, has external investors, and is regulated by the Government, it’s incredibly important that our HR practices are comprehensive and evolve over time. They make sure everything is tied up. They are genuinely experts in complex employment law and detail – they always know the answer.”


The action taken by Reality HR

Reality HR began working with Decoded’s leadership team as the business, founded in 2011, expanded. MD Nicky Kirshen explains: “In the early days, we needed things like employment contracts, grievance policies, parental leave policies, an employee handbook – all the fundamentals. So we first engaged Reality HR in that capacity.

“Since working with Reality HR we’ve grown a lot and have an Office & People manager who does some people management in-house, but we retain Reality HR for their expertise. We have regular calls with our consultant, Nicola, who knows our business inside out.

“As well as supporting on HR she provides me with an element of coaching from a leadership perspective in people strategy, how to roll things out and in working with my leadership team.”

As the relationship with Decoded has evolved Reality HR has also provided support in developing a line manager structure for the business and runs an ongoing virtual training programme for people who manage others.

These have been delivered to groups made up of a cross-section of the business, with each session attended by a senior leader, middle managers and newer line managers, to ensure a whole-team approach and the sharing of ideas. Topics have included giving positive and constructive feedback, how to approach challenging conversations, and ways to engage and retain high-performing people.

The outcome

The relationship between Reality HR and Decoded has developed over five years so that HR experts are always on hand for day-to-day support and for any issues that arise. The training programme supports Nicky and her senior team in developing management systems and in providing an environment where team members across the business feel valued and have opportunities to progress.

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