Synetec, based in London, develops bespoke software that helps organisations to enhance, modernise and scale their operations.
With 20+ staff and a small in-house HR team, the business sometimes benefits from external help with recruitment.

The challenge is to find candidates who meet Synetec’s requirements for technical expertise while being able to succeed in customer-facing roles.

The team at Reality HR provide a retained HR consultancy service to Synetec on areas such as employment law, performance management, culture building and personality profiling. Synetec asked for additional recruitment support to help find the right candidates for some key new hires – two Product Owner roles and a New Business Executive.

“Reality HR have a good grasp of our culture. They don’t just throw CV’s at you – they know our requirements and the kinds of people we need. The quality of candidates that came out of the process was superb – it was as if I’d done the screening myself.” LAURA GOFF, HEAD OF PEOPLE, SYNETEC

The Action taken by Reality HR

Synetec has very specific requirements for its people which can make recruitment a challenge. Laura Goff, Head of People at Synetec, explains: “We are looking for people with mature developer skills, and sometimes those skills can be quite niche which can limit the candidate pool. Many of our people are managing a consultancy service, so as well as having high levels of technical skill, they need to be client-facing. They need good soft skills such as communication, confidence and business acumen. They are on the front line and need to be able to carry themselves in a professional manner.”

Emily Gent, Consultant at Reality HR, and fellow team members held initial calls with a senior director and Laura Goff, Head of People at Synetec, to get a detailed understanding of the roles and the qualities the successful candidates would need to demonstrate.

Following the advertisement and application period, Reality HR carried out a first-round CV screening process. The team also helped develop criteria and questions for the second stage, which was an interview with a manager. Synetec’s in-house team continued the process with an assessment and then a final interview.

Throughout the process, the teams at Reality HR and Synetec worked closely together, using an online applicant tracking system to ensure all involved were kept up to date.

The Outcome

With Reality HR’s, support, the new roles were quickly filled with candidates who were a good fit for Synetec. Laura appreciated Reality HR’s flexibility, which meant Synetec could avoid being tied into long-term contracts during the challenging times of the pandemic, and was impressed with the Reality HR team’s ability to seamlessly act as an extension of her operation.

“During this process, I could see them using the online system so that any member of the team here could go in and see what was happening,” she added. “It doesn’t matter who I speak to at Reality HR – I always get a consistent level of service. If one person is away, another will pick it up.”

“Being able to rely on Reality HR gives me the flexibility of drawing on their support when I need it, without hiring someone in-house. They respond quickly, understand our needs and deliver quality candidates. I would certainly use Reality HR for recruitment support again.” LAURA GOFF, HEAD OF PEOPLE, SYNETEC

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