pay and benefits

Perhaps in response to the ongoing productivity crisis in the UK, there is a high focus on job satisfaction at the moment.

CV-library decided to do a study to find out what British workers think about workplace perks and which ones they most desire. They found that:

  • 62.1% of job searchers consider workplace perks among their top reasons for considering where to work
  • 12.6% said that they would refuse a role if there were no workplace perks
  • 71.8% said that their current place of work doesn’t provide perks and would probably start looking for a new role somewhere that does
  • 70.5% said that they believe workplace perks should be offered by all businesses

It’s pretty obvious then that job perks are pretty important, not just for attraction but also for retention and engagement.

However, that doesn’t mean that you need flashy perks like an on-site spa and waterslide between floors.

Lee Biggins, founder and MD of CV library said,  “’Nap pods’ and ‘office bars’ may be popular in some offices, but the majority of professionals are now steering towards more practical benefits like flexible working and bonuses.”

According to their survey, the perks that employees want are, in order:

  • Flexible working – 47.2%
  • Seasonal bonuses – 39.1%
  • Extra holiday – 37.3%
  • Staff discounts – 22.6%
  • Paid time off on your birthday – 21.3%
  • Casual dress code –19.8%
  • Free fitness facilities or classes – 18%
  • Free office snacks and drinks – 18%
  • Parties and social activities – 8%
  • Nap or games room – 5.2%

Biggins said that it was concerning that less than a third of employers are offering these perks, especially when you consider that applicants are putting so much emphasis on them during their job searches and existing employees see it as a reason to look for new roles.

Staff discounts, casual dress codes and flexible working seem to be the most appreciated perks for the employees who do receive them but interestingly, 85% said that they would prefer a pay rise.

This is hardly surprising given the current climate but Biggins warns that perks should not be used as a substitute for fair salaries.

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