GDPR is the four-lettered word that’s on the minds of every business owner as Friday 25th May, the date the new legislation comes into effect, draws ever closer.

No doubt you’ve heard reports that many UK businesses, both large and small, are ‘worryingly behind’ on their progress towards achieving compliance and are unlikely to be ready on time.

To help you understand if your business is on track, you’ll see below a list of tasks that we recommend should have been completed by now, and where you need to focus your energy now on your data journey to compliance.

Where should you be now to be on track to achieve compliance?

  1. Your data audits will have been completed
  2. Any compliance gaps in your current Data Handling processes will have been recognised and decisions made about how those processes need to change to comply with GDPR

And next steps?

  1. Now that the data audit is complete and updates to processes decided on, you can draft all your compliance documents:

– Data Handling Policy

– Privacy Notices and

– (if required) Consent Forms

  1. Once you have drafted all necessary compliance documents, communicate with your employees by publishing the policies and processes and seeking consent where specifically necessary. Make sure that any of your employees that handle personal data are well trained in the new processes.


Some employees are likely to have questions and concerns and you need to leave plenty of time and resource to deal with these and reassure everyone ahead of the 25 May deadline.

If you find that any of your employees strongly disagree with your approach to handling their data, you will need to work through these issues and if they cannot be resolved, devise some alternative approaches. This is also going to take some time to work through so you’ll want to make sure you start talking to your teams about your new processes as early as possible.

If you’re feeling rising panic, don’t waste another moment and give me a call now. We’ve created toolkits to help you manage the whole process and whilst we can’t guarantee you’ll be ready in time, you will at least be on the way to compliancy.

Nicola Gater is HR Consultant here at Reality HR and has been instrumental in creating GDPR Toolkits to help the transition for our clients.  You can contact Nicola and her team via email at or by calling 01256 328 428.