Handling Disciplinary

We have talked before about identifying your shining stars – those employees who are great sales people or have management potential and should be part of your succession plan.


Sometimes, high performing individuals have problems conforming to rules and regulations. Whilst this can lead to them out performing their peers, it can also lead to a lot of bad feeling in the team.


You know you should be nurturing them and developing them, so just how should you handle it if they step out of line?


I am particularly talking about when things have escalated, and an incident has occurred that would be viewed as gross misconduct – such as hitting somebody.


Let’s look at the steps you should take in handling disciplinary:


  • Allegation – remember to treat this a potential misconduct issue, but don’t jump to conclusions or accuse anybody of guilt before exploring it
  • Investigation – it is essential to carry out an investigation into what has happened, speaking to all the parties concerned and relevant witnesses. Its crucial that both sides of every story are investigated. The person handling the investigation must be seen as neutral – with no bias towards any employee
  • Suspension – only do this if it is necessary in order for you to fully investigate the allegation and where necessary to remove the employee from the workplace
  • Disciplinary – assuming the investigation has indicated your employee is in the wrong, you must conduct a full disciplinary hearing. Crucially, this has to be handled by somebody other than the person who carried out the investigation. This is where we can help, if you are struggling to find somebody within your own business. Also the employee has the right to be accompanied by a union representative or a work colleague.
  • Written follow up – after the hearing you must write to the employee outlining the outcome, what action will be taken and why. You should provide the right to appeal
  • Even handed – remember, no matter how good an employee is, they must be treated the same as everyone else. You cannot show favouritism towards anybody. This can potentially create an unpleasant working environment and worse could be seen as discrimination.

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