Recruit the right people and your business will soar. If only it was that simple. Attracting and retaining staff is far from easy. The recruitment process needs significant time investment and finding the right person can be painful.

So, imagine if that pain could be taken away and the process handled for you. Reality HR does just that and can take on as much or as little of this as you need – drafting a job ad, sitting in on interviews, employment checks or carry out the entire process.

Where to advertise and how

With social distancing and stay-at-home policies in place, the way job seekers are looking has changed. People are no longer going out to drop-in CVs speculatively. They are trawling online channels and because of remote working are prepared to widen their geographical nets.

Working with a deep understanding of your business and its teams, we use the most appropriate tools including agencies, job boards, advertising and networking to seek out the candidates who are the best fit.

Writing the job advert

Recruiting in our “new normal” requires extra considerations to ease candidates’ fears about returning to work or starting a new job.

Candidates are looking for security and to buy into company culture and values, so that first impression of an advert is important. For many candidates, working in an office environment is out of the question, so can remote working be a permanent arrangement? Do you offer flexible working? These things need to be communicated in any advert and interview questions.

Tempting people who may feel insecure about their current position is another way your advert can stand out. Why not ask existing employees why they like working for your business and include their thoughts in your ad.

Screening CVs

It is possible you may get an influx of CV’s during a time when unemployment is high, so sifting through them as part of the recruitment process is a lot of pressure on your time. With our help to create an efficient process, it will not only ensure you send out the right message to potential future employees (by managing the candidate’s expectations), you may find that you are more confident with your hiring decisions and ultimately reduce staff turnover as you hire the right people more frequently.

Conducting interviews

Conducting an interview looks easier than it is. And that’s why many managers don’t always prepare as well as they should for this step in the hiring process. We can conduct interviews for or with your recruitment team using a well organised structure and right combination of questions to get the best picture of a candidate.

Completing pre-employment checks

The pandemic has caused the government to temporarily adjust Right to Work checks. Unlike in the past these checks can now be carried out over video call and applicants can send scanned documents rather than originals.

Pre-employment checks continue to be necessary, so we can ensure you are following the right protocol and avoiding discrimination if individuals are unable to evidence their right to work.

Personality profiling

To seek out the best fitting candidates, we can run assessment centres or psychometric testing, online or socially distanced, to assess each candidate’s suitability for the job and the wider team.  In light of the pandemic, assessment centres can be run virtually with multiple candidates and assessors.

Our support doesn’t have to stop once recruitment has taken place.  We can support with onboarding, and probation and development as your new employees grow with you. We will support you to get your new recruits performing and contributing as quickly as possible.

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