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Your company growth will at some point be either strengthened or hampered by the quality and speed of your recruitment.

Whilst you may use recruitment agencies, job boards, and media advertising to find candidates, you are probably already aware that this is only the start.

In order to get the right people in place, ready, enthused, and able to produce results so you realise your ambitions, you need to get the rest of the process right.

Getting it wrong can be very costly indeed, and seriously hamper your growth.

By delegating your recruitment project management to Reality HR, you may be completely confident that every step will be carried out thoroughly. The candidates’ experience will be exceptional. This will not only enhance your reputation, it will help you to win the very best people.

You get involved as much or as little as you wish.

And as if that wasn’t sweet enough, our service includes working in partnership with recruitment resources, saving you from the endless hassle and telephone calls.

At Reality HR, we offer a professional service from those with the time and expertise for recruitment project management, who ensure every step is carried out thoroughly.

Michael Wright said:

“The appointments have been enormously successful…assisting with driving forward the whole organisation.” 

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Read more to find out what a typical recruitment and selection project will look like. 


A typical recruitment and selection project will include:

1.  Selecting the most appropriate methods for finding candidates, considering:

  • the technical nature of the role and its seniority
  • the target candidates
  • budget
  • the cost/risk balance
  • the speed required

2.  Helping you to articulate clearly what you are looking for, and drafting:

  • the job description
  • person specification
  • job board postings or advertisements

3.  It will also include:

  • Salary benchmarking to ensure the role is pitched at the right level for the market and location
  • Managing the chosen recruitment agency or job board etc. to make best use of their services
  • Screening applications and CV’s to discard the less suitable candidates
  • Liaising with applicants and producing a shortlist for telephone interviews
  • Developing telephone interview questions and conducting telephone interviews with shortlisted candidate
  • Providing behavioural and/ or skills testing to the shortlisted candidates
  • Reviewing results and producing final shortlist
  • Compiling candidate summaries for face-to-face interviews, combining data from the telephone interviews and the behavioural and skills testing where relevant
  • Developing face-to-face interview questions, focusing on competencies for the role and any specific areas for probing individuals based on the telephone interviews and testing
  • Briefing interviewers from your company
  • Leading or supporting onsite face-to-face interviews
  • Facilitating post-interview discussions and decisions
  • Providing weekly updates on the recruitment process
  • Managing all ad hoc calls and emails for all parties involved in the recruitment process
  • Managing all associated administration including arranging interviews and candidate liaison
  • Communicating with unsuccessful candidates to protect your company’s public image and to keep promising people on your side
  • Handling or advising on all legal matters including medical questionnaires, references, and contracts until the successful candidate(s) is in place.

A client of ours had this to say about their experience with our recruitment support service:

“People think recruitment is easy, but getting the right person is anything but. We had used recruitment agencies in the past, with some very disappointing results. They used Word and Excel tests, but frankly they were a waste of time, and the candidates didn’t have the skills we needed and the fit with our small team was poor.  Unfortunately, we only discovered these shortcomings after an appointment had been made.

This time, the process was entirely different. Reality HR really took the time to understand what we wanted, and worked closely with us on refining the person specification and getting clarity on the job description. They put together a good set of competency-based tests, as well as psychometric testing, to make sure the person was both capable and a good fit for the team. This was immensely helpful as it gave us valuable insight that we were able to probe during the face to face interviews.

Reality HR were with us every step of the way. After candidates were short-listed, a consultant led the interview process initially undertaking telephone interviews, then leading face-to-face meetings, and following up with both candidates after second interviews.  This ensured that the process was handled professionally, and it also provided additional information to help us make an informed choice. Reality HR supported us in the decision-making process, even assisting us on the finer points of the employment contract.  In short, they really made a difference and we are confident that we have the right person on board.“

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