Well, we made it! We’ve come out the other side of the GDPR deadline and our businesses are still standing. With all the hype which took place in the run up to the Friday 25th May, some were braced for a massive impact.

The reality is, as long as you were already compliant with the Data Protection Act, and followed the guidance for bringing your business in line with GDPR, there really wasn’t a huge change.

Businesses which were completely non-compliant with any data protection rules were right to panic of course, but most of us just needed to make some small adjustments here and there to our data processes.

There were lots of reports stating that many UK businesses, both large and small, were ‘worryingly behind’ on their progress towards achieving compliance and unlikely to be ready on time.

If you weren’t ready on time, don’t despair, just keep going with the plans and changes you need to bring your business in line, as soon as possible. To help you see if your business is on track, here is a list of tasks which you should have already undertaken:

  1. Your data audits should have all been completed
  2. Any compliance gaps in your current data handling processes should have been recognised
  3. Decisions about how those processes need to change should have been made
  4. New compliance documents including a data handling policy, privacy notices and consent forms should have all been created.
  5. The new policies and processes for handling data should have all been communicated to all of your staff
  6. Staff who handle personal data should have been fully briefed in all of the new processes to ensure they are all working in a GDPR compliant way, with specific training if necessary.
  7. You should have talked to all of your staff about how you handle their personal data and explained the new processes and implications to them.

If you are reading this and worried that your business is still not GDPR compliant yet then don’t worry and give me a call now. We’ve created a series of GDPR toolkits to help you manage the whole process and guide you towards compliance.

Nicola Gater is HR Consultant here at Reality HR and has been instrumental in creating GDPR Toolkits to help the transition for our clients.  You can contact Nicola and her team via email at nicola@realityhr.co.uk or by calling 01256 328 428.