You know the ones; the managers who have an infectious love for their work and the ability to make decisions with both empathy and experience.

They know exactly where they are going and how they’re going to get there.  They plan ahead, maintain momentum and get things done.

Whether you’re recruiting or promoting, there’s not a single tool out there that will assess the ideal match of a manager to a team. On paper, they may have the experience needed but that’s no guarantee that they will be a good manager.

Before recruiting or promoting, read on to understand the seven habits of a great manager:

  1. Their positivity is contagious

A positive attitude goes a long, long way.  A manager with a good attitude won’t complain about deadlines; instead, they will get everyone around them involved and inspire them not only to achieve the deadline but to deliver it early.

  1. They can see the big picture

They understand the company mission and goals and understand their part in making that happen.  They have a broad view and are able to see how they can help the company achieve their goals, and make quick decisions by drawing on their experience and information around them.

  1. They lead with both head and heart

The best managers lead their team with empathy and understanding.    Having empathy for employees is so important – everyone goes through professional and personal struggles that can affect their work.  They treat people with respect but are firm as well as fair, setting standards and ensuring they are met.

  1. They’re honest 

Great managers will tell their team the information they need to hear, not what they want to hear.  This isn’t always easy, but it’s the only way a team will grow.  They encourage a transparent culture and avoid dishonesty in everything from deliverables to deadlines.

  1. They manage performance all the time

Rather than leaving people management to an annual review, great managers manage performance all the time. They ensure that their team members know exactly what they are expected to achieve and regularly review against expectations, providing regular feedback and agreeing what needs to be done to improve knowledge and develop skills.

  1. They manage challenging situations well

Watch a great manager in a challenging situation, and they will adopt a calm, measured, deliberate but friendly approach, allowing people to have their say.  They will keep an open mind and won’t jump to conclusions.  They will ask for suggestions on how a situation can be resolved, discuss options and all importantly, agree on a plan of action.

  1. They’re accountable and resilient

When things don’t go to plan, you will see a great manager take charge and responsibility.  This breeds a culture of accountability so their team members understand the importance of responsibility for their actions as well. You’ll also see their resilience during times of turbulence and uncertainty, as they continue to deliver and inspire those around them to get the job done.

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