Keeping employees engaged in their work and performance is a challenge for lots of employers – how can you get them to go the extra mile, or demonstrate they are committed to your organisation’s objectives , values and goals?

Engagement is multi-faceted, but it is vital not to underestimate the importance of their relationship with their direct line managers – as the saying goes, employees leave managers, not companies.

Employees who are disengaged at work are frequently  dissatisfied with their line manager. This can lead to problems such as reduced productivity, increased absence, or ultimately with the employee leaving their job.

Engaged employees are proven to have a positive effect on the business. Those who come into work feeling motivated and happy will create a positive environment and encourage their peers to work hard. If they’re more productive, business performance will benefit.

What should line managers be doing to increase the level of engagement? Here are some tips:

Let them take the lead

It’s your job to lead from the front, but it’s also important at times to give you team responsibility for a task or project. For employees to feel passionate about their work and strive for the best outcome, they need to know that the company values their skills and experience. A good start is to delegate and let them work unaided and without micromanagement.  If they don’t feel confident, guide and encourage them to succeed – always show them the value of their contribution and that mistakes are part of the learning process so shouldn’t be feared.

Recognise and celebrate success

Always recognise and acknowledge a job well done. This is an essential motivator for employee engagement and helps to foster positive attitudes and healthy behaviour in the workplace. A ‘good job’ or a ‘thank you’ can be really powerful in keeping employees going but you may like to offer more tangible rewards such as a monetary bonus for those who truly go above and beyond. Consider holding an employee recognition day or celebratory lunch to reward employees for their hard work.

Listen to feedback

As a line manager, you need to manage employee performance which needs to be a two way process – listening to what your staff say about you and the Company is so important . Use your regular catch ups,  speak to your team in a monthly meeting or conduct employee surveys to get a better idea of how they feel about your performance as a line manager. Likewise, giving staff the opportunity to discuss ideas for improvements in the workplace can help them feel more involved in the business. If there is a situation that goes unnoticed or unaddressed by management, it sends a bad message to your staff and will affect engagement and motivation.

Give them the tools to succeed

As a line manager you should be sure that your employees know how to perform well in their job. A small problem may turn into something bigger if an employee is unsure of what to do or how to deal with a situation – this can knock their confidence and prevent them from giving their best. Training –  on the job, courses, mentoring, webinars  – will all  give staff more confidence.

Start from day one

Get to know your team as soon as you hire them – this is a simple and effective way to engage employees. Learn what motivates them and what their progression goals are and remember to keep in touch with them even when they have been employed in the business for a long time. Employees who feel you care about them tend to be much more engaged in their work and performance.  

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