Work practices survey following CoronavirusSince the Covid-19 crisis began, we have been pleased to support businesses with advice, factsheets, and resources through our RESET campaign.

The name came from the idea that in crisis, businesses go through three stages – Survive, Reset, and Thrive.

As we move into a difficult winter, and restrictions begin to tighten again, it’s clear that Covid-19 is going to be with us for a long while yet.

This is no longer about making short term changes to get through it. After an initial encouragement to return to the workplace, the emphasis is now back on working from home for those who can – most likely for several months.

We’re now in a period in which businesses must consider the difficult decisions and longer-term measures that will put them on a more stable footing for the months and years to come.

We’re calling this phase REBALANCE – and to launch it, we carried out a survey asking businesses how Covid has changed the way they work and how they feel about the future.

How has it changed us, our premises, and how we interact with each other? Are those changes likely to be permanent? What does the future look like – more home working? A full return to the workplace when we can? A blend of the two?

And, most importantly, how do we need to react to support our people and teams in the unpredictable weeks, months and years to come?

The answers are in our REBALANCE snapshot survey. Although there is a wide spectrum of views, some very clear themes emerge – not just about the challenges of changed ways of working, but also the opportunities it can bring.

For example, 70% of those who responded said their people had been as productive, or more productive, working from home as they were in the workplace.

Not surprising, then, that 66% said it was likely that they would have staff some or all staff working from home permanently or most of the time. These insights, and many more, are in the report, which you can download here.

We hope it gives you some insight into the road ahead and the people management challenges you may face during this period of rebalancing. Of course, if you need advice and support, the Reality HR team are here to help.