It’s no secret that we’re now recruiting in a candidate-driven market. The days of a one-sided recruitment process are well and truly over and it’s simply no longer just about what the candidate can offer you, but what you the employer are bringing to the table and also how you’re bringing it.

To find out what recruiters believe employers must do when it comes to finding and securing their next talented employee, we have joined forces with our expert friends at TeamExecutive.
Sally Bennett – Executive Manager at TeamExecutive, a sister brand of TeamJobs, believes the best way to attract the best candidates to your ‘table’ is to try and understand what will motivate and inspire them to invest in your company.  And to remember that many of the best candidates will look much further than the financial reward. Everything from your company values, to benefits, opportunities for career progression – and ultimately your reputation – will come under their microscope.

Here Sally and TeamExecutive can guide you on what your next talented employee is really looking for in your recruitment process, and we can advise on how you can compete to be chosen, after all it’s likely the candidate will be in a position to pick from numerous offers.

Sally’s advice on what talented candidates are looking for:

  • A straightforward and easy to understand application process that provides them with all the information they need is vital – And make sure you are upfront and honest about timescales from the outset.
  • An insight into your company culture – a strong cultural fit is an important factor for both you and them. Applicants are seeking a company that will make them feel comfortable and accepted. For you, getting this right from the beginning means you’re more likely to reduce attrition.
  • Respect for the amount of time a candidate is investing in the application process – Provide regular status updates throughout the process. Make them feel important to you.
  • Great communication. We live in a digital world so remember they are likely to be browsing on a device and even applying from their mobile. So make sure all your communications are mobile and tablet friendly.
  • A clear indication of what makes your company different – and not just your benefits and package. Employees want to know you can be flexible, that you are committed to their career progression and offer educational/training opportunities – in short, that you are offering them a great job and a great future.

Sally’s top tip:

Put the candidate first. Put the spotlight on them throughout your recruitment process and this will inevitably lead to your company recruiting and retaining top talent.

Our advice to employers when trying to stay competitive in this candidate led job market:

Never underestimate the power the candidate has when searching for their next role. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate the candidate experience and focus efforts on a strong and enticing employer brand, attractive salaries and benefits?

In summary:

Make yourself stand out.

If you need any support with how to make it happen then we can help. In fact, we have an event coming up on the 26th September in Basingstoke that focuses on attracting and retaining a talented workforce and Sally will be there too! To register and to find out more information then visit: