18th March 2021

It has been a long year since the Government issued “stay at home” advice over the threat of Covid-19. During that time we’ve had to change the way we live, work and socialise – and for most individuals and businesses, there have been challenges to overcome along the way.

Now, there is hope of a way out. Ever since the Prime Minister set out his “roadmap” for the gradual easing of restrictions, thoughts have turned to a foreseeable return to some kind of normal life.

Just as we kept employers informed during our Reset and Rebalance phases, Reality HR’s specialists are now here to support you during the next stage, which we are calling Rebuild.

The Rebuild phase is all about supporting your people through these next few months, which may include a return to the workplace or perhaps a hybrid of home and workplace. You may be re-onboarding staff, bringing in new recruits or reorganising your teams.

Hybrid working seems to be a likely prospect for many businesses, certainly in the short term and possibly as a permanent shift for many organisations.

As restrictions ease, the CIPD and YouGov say that many workers will want to continue to work from home at least some of the time – with the working week becoming a balance of being in the office for a few days and at home for the remainder.

Global workspace provider IWG says that this “hybrid working” will become the norm and employers should now be thinking about what this means for them, how they might meet employee requests for it, and what will need to be in place in order for this way of working to be effective.

Our own informal LinkedIn poll also supports this– when we asked our followers whether they had grown to love home working, couldn’t wait to get back to the workplace or preferred a blend, the majority of voters chose “a mix of the two works for me”.

While the lifting of restrictions brings excitement and opportunity, it’s important to recognise that many businesses will find it challenging to adjust to hybrid working, just as they had to overcome the imposition of home working at the start of the pandemic.

Like home working, hybrid working will require establishing new ways of working and associated policies and practices. And in some ways it may be tougher to manage than total homeworking.

It is essential that managers are trained to ensure they have the effective communication, performance management, engagement and collaboration skills to lead blended teams.

There is, optimism but it remains difficult for many employers to plan for the spring to summer period and beyond. Our team have been advising employers throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so as we enter this new Rebuild phase. In weeks to come we will be covering key topics including contracts, flexible working requests, tips for managing blended teams and more.

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