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In last week’s post, we looked at the effects of poor management on productivity.

You can recap here.

This week I want to explore a different approach to tackling poor productivity. Flexible working.

I am an advocate of this approach as it works so well within my own business. I believe in a good work-life balance. Work hard, play hard.

There is plenty of research out there to back this claim up, including Stanford researchers who found that remote workers were happier and less likely to quit. You can read more about their study here.

But with anything, things can easily go in the opposite direction. Remote working needs to be well implemented. When it is done right, it can help decrease the commuting time for employees, allow them to spend time with their families, and have more control over their working lives. For example, I employ a lot of working mums who manage their time around young children.

 So here are some of my top tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to use technology – there are lots of tools out there that can ensure your employees are communicating efficiently in and out of the office. Google, for example, offers a lot of free products that are built around collaboration, real time communication and sharing.
  • Team meets – Even if the team is spread out, you can still arrange to all meet either for social events or for team meetings. At Reality HR we have a quarterly team meeting and will do summer events with the children for example.
  • Encourage initiative – Happy employees are productive employees. If that means that they need to go to their local Costa when they remote work or listen to music, then they should do it. Not only will this help them to be productive but it will also boost their morale. Happy, engaged employees will ultimately lead to happy customers.

You can read some more of my tips in older posts about remote working here.

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