management training

So you’ve promoted one of your rising stars

They are now managing their own department. Great news – your job is done!

Err, no! Actually, your work in management training is just beginning…

Transitioning from employee to a manager is a big step, and one very few can handle well without management training.

Here are just some of the challenges they are likely to face:

  • Moving from mate to manager – suddenly finding themselves no longer in the position of friend and colleague, can be difficult. Encourage your new manager to understand the importance of distancing work and leisure time – it is possible to have both, if they set clear boundaries
  • Time management – juggling their own workload with the demands of being the boss is hard. Constant interruptions can often leave the best manager frustrated at just how little has been ticked off the to do list. Blocking time in the diary for their own tasks, and giving their team a sign they don’t want to be disturbed will help.
  • Communication – being consistent and setting clear expectations can be tricky to handle initially. Demonstrate with your own management style the best way to tackle this.
  • Performance – new managers can often feel they are expected to shoot out of a trap like a greyhound – proving they were worthy of your promotion. Encourage them to realise this is a marathon, not a sprint – they need to take their time, and get themselves settled into the role, before making their mark.
  • Team working – your new manager may be struggling to get everyone to work together as a cohesive team. After all, only yesterday he was one of them. Being firm but fair and bringing everyone together to talk as a group is a good approach. Having regular one to ones with every team member will help to iron out specific issues.
  • Hiring & firing – I’d like to think you aren’t going to launch this on your new manager on day one, as this really is quite difficult to get right. These skills are best taught through management training – we see it as a crucial part of management development.

Whilst you are going to be on hand to guide and mentor your new manager, as any good leader would do, the best way you can support them is to give them the appropriate skills to do their job well.

We recommend an Introduction to Management training programme, which is ideally delivered just as your employee is stepping into their new role. Our training programme has a number of core modules, but is tailored to the demands of your business, and the needs of your team.

If you would like to arrange management training for any of your people, please contact us on 01256 328 428 or fill out the form below: